LAUREN DERVELOY is a CrossFit Level 2 and CrossFit kids trainer. Lauren has always been a dancer with an active lifestyle, but nothing compared to the results that she found through doing CrossFit. As a mom of two kids under two years old, CrossFit has been the reason she can keep up with them, her husband, and run her business and dance team. She found her passion for coaching after coming to Louisiana Tech to coach the Regal Blues dance team. Her mission as a CrossFit trainer is to inspire others to meet their goals through hard work and passion. Together with her husband, Evan, they are excited to develop a community of athletes who want to reach the apex of their health and fitness potential. 

Favorite exercise: Kettle bell swings
Least favorite work-out: What everyone else’s is ... burpees
Favorite Paleo food: Paleo lasagna
Favorite cheat food: Anything with Reese’s
Level 1
Level 2
CrossFit Kids
BA in Dance Education from University of Southern Mississippi