Nothing is Permanent. Make the Most of it ALL!

At a retreat recently, one of the attendees asked me about my tattoos saying “I don’t know if I would want to get tattoos because they are permanent”.

The body we will inhabit for no more than 100ish years is not permanent.

The body itself is a temporary home. Yet we live lives where we will eat and drink to excess, avoid working out with extreme mental gymnastics, all the while rationalizing being sedentary and eating and drinking to excess.

I personally choose to put tattoos on my body as a reminder of my life and those obstacles I have overcome, much like the main character in the movie “Memento” where the protagonist has short term memory loss and gets things he must remember tattooed on his body.

When I forget who I am and what strength I have, I am reminded by those “permanent” pigment injections that are on my skin.

We only will live a handful of years on this Earth, yet we act as if we will live forever.
There is an old saying, “everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die”.

It is an act of personal delusion and self deception to tell ourselves that we are “too old” to exercise (no matter what our age), that joining a gym like ours is “too expensive” when we will readily buy things that will not improve our lives but only serve to make us feel good (like vacations, alcoholic drinks, clothing, hunting equipment, cars, etc).

We ignore our future because we are more enamored with our present. That is the worship of Self and the Pursuit of Pleasure.

Whether you are a Spiritual Person or Secular, there is no path to glory or dignity that involves the constant pursuit of pleasure.


Doing small things that are difficult for you, simply putting off something you wanted and disciplining yourself to EARN that which you want will make you stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the population who thinks that it’s okay to eat and drink whatever we want then resent our lives and pray to God in such a way when our behavior catches up to us at the final quarter of our lives.

Every second is important to your life.

The pursuit of excellence is the Road Less Traveled. Always seek to take that road, and that will make ALL the difference.

Let’s go get it!


Evan DerveloyComment