Be tolerant of others, and Strict with yourself! 6-25-2018

Today, my wife and I have embarked on a test of mental will and endurance, but also a “reset”.


We’ve pledged ourselves to eat only leafy greens and drink bone broth (and water) for 1 week.

That’s it.

When you think you’re doing everything to get ahead or improve yourself, and you aren’t doing things that scare you or make you question your ability, you aren’t growing.

Weakness slips in gradually as strength increases gradually. Without conscious direction and regular “updates” to our worldview and life, we will slowly become worse and worse until we begin to resent those who consciously seek growth and change.

We look at someone driving a nice sports car and say, “look at that asshole, I bet he cheats people to get rich”. We see a woman or a man with a great body and excellent athletic performance and say “he must be on steroids” or “she must not have kids like I do, or she wouldn’t be so ripped”.

It is easier to claim that someone else ahead of you is talented and gifted than it is to realize that hard work is always rewarded. If you are a person who claims you are “working hard” but you cannot seem to get ahead you are missing something mission critical and you need to address it.

Celebrating the success of others is an important step in your own journey to excellence.


Hating up makes you look small. Hating down makes you look insecure.

When you hate on others, it makes you look foolish. Hustlers don’t have time to hate.

Go get it!

Evan DerveloyComment