Do what sucks 6-18-2018

When we feel good, that is not the time to celebrate taking action or conquering an obstacle.

When we do not feel like taking action, that is the time to celebrate action.

When we are tired and grumpy, and our spouse or our kids are bothering us, to be kind and calm.

When we neglected to wake up early enough to leave our house giving us ample time to avoid traffic or delays and we decide to get road rage or angry with all the other people who decided that sleeping in or checking social media first thing was more important than winning the morning.

When we rationalize having a drink after a regular work day.

When we rationalize eating junk food at night because we are craving it.

When we rationalize watching another episode of a TV show on Netflix/Hulu/HBO when we can watch that at ANY TIME.

When we rationalize shopping for something we don’t truly need and hide it from our spouse or tell people we “don’t have any money”.

The common theme here is rationalizing things that make us weak, fat, stupid, poor, and unhappy.

Rationalize instead things that will make you stronger, thinner, healthier, smarter, richer, and happier.

Do 50 pushups a day- don’t wait, start now.

Eat so much vegetables that you don’t crave sweets. Drink water when you want a snack. Don’t like the way vegetables or water tastes? DO IT ANYWAY. You are an adult. Act like it!

Get a full night’s sleep. Stop eating and living like an asshole. You don’t deserve junk food if you’re fat. You don’t deserve new clothes or a new car if you cannot pay your bills.

Stop treating yourself when you haven’t done the work.

Play this game- whenever you say “I don’t feel like doing (activity that makes your life better)” do it right then and there. Procrastination is a lie we tell ourselves to avoid being good humans.

No bullshit. Get to work. You have an amazing life to live!


Evan DerveloyComment