Be the person you look up to! 6-11-2018

Be the person you look up to!


Once you decide to do this, amazing things happen in your life.

You start to evaluate how you talk to people, especially difficult people.

You stop engaging in political discussions with anyone, as you realize that politics is a distraction and source of contention for most. Terribly divisive.

You start eating better.

You start sleeping better.

You stop being angry or frustrated at life/people/work.

You start to enjoy getting up early!


You begin to develop compassion for assholes.

You stop being taken advantage of by selfish people.


You stop allowing gossip and gossipers around you.

You will go through a period that seems lonely and alone, but that is where you begin to hear your own voice speaking to you.

Ask yourself daily- what sort of person do I want to become?

Before you make a decision, ask yourself “does this help me become the person I want to be?”

Then you will start to truly love yourself! People who truly love themselves are elevated in their Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finances.

They aren’t speaking of people behind their backs (or if they do, they truly feel bad about it), they are not drinking all the time, they aren’t using drugs, they aren’t abusing their bodies with junk food, starvation diets, they aren’t abusing their minds with porn or compulsive eating and shopping behaviors, they aren’t debating politics with other angry people, they aren’t honking their horn in traffic at others, they aren’t late, they do their best work, they tell the truth, and they show people that they care!

They are at peace.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Evan DerveloyComment