Break through your own atmosphere!

When a rocket is launched into space, it requires so much energy, effort, work, and planning to get through the powerful gravitational pull of the Earth and into space. 

Once it reaches space, then it requires very little energy to maneuver or accelerate-- but it HAS TO break through. 

It is hard first, easy second. Anything less is a violation of the laws of reality!

You have no right to be angry that you don't have results if you haven't done the requisite work!

We can lie to ourselves and say "I'll do it later" that we will start tomorrow or that we have bad genetics or a bad thyroid, or whatever excuse. The truth is we aren't doing the work and keep crashing back down to Earth!

But when we can break through and get into space, we can fly like we've never imagined! It gets easy!

Complacency at this point can set in if we aren't vigilant and grateful for our progress. 

Stay frosty, stay grateful and....