Memorial Day

I've missed the last two weeks of blog entries because I prioritized other things (like training up the new coaching staff and handing operations in other areas of the fitness industry)

Memorial Day is celebrated by barbeques, flash sales, and a day off for most people.

We celebrate this holiday as a memorial for those who have died while defending the United States of America.

I am not going to guilt you into not having a fun day, but I would ask that you offer one thing to those who have died- the pursuit of personal growth.

How? Where to start?


Ask yourself three questions

What sort of person am I?

What sort of person do I want to become?

What must I do to get there?


When presented with a decision tree or action step that gives you pause (that’s your conscience btw), ask yourself

“Will doing this help me become the person I want to be?”


You will make mistakes, but return regularly to contemplate your life and who you are and if that agrees with who you want to be.

I can think of no greater honor for the sacrifice of those who fought and died than that!

Go get it!



Evan DerveloyComment