Doing the RIGHT thing is always the right thing...

“Doing the Right Thing is Always the Right Thing”


Doing the right thing is almost always simple (not easy).

If we are fat, we need to eat better, eat less, and exercise.

Stop drinking alcohol. You don’t “need” a drink after sitting in an office all day. You simply tell yourself you do.

Stop using tobacco. It is a stimulant. It only relaxes you because you are addicted to it.

Stop telling yourself you “cannot” resist donuts that another overweight coworker brings to your job.


If we are sick, then we allowed it to happen because we weren’t sleeping enough, weren’t eating as healthy as we could, we stayed in a constant state of mental and emotional stress.


If this is making you angry at me for being unmerciful or “mean”, then let me tell you a story.

I fought stage 3 colon cancer and it was 100% MY fault.

I had my genetics sequenced and tested by one of the top hospitals in the world. I was told I had a rare genetic condition that less than 1% of cancer patients have that supposedly gives me above a 79% chance to get multiple types of cancer.

Genetic condition be damned. Cancer was my fault.

I was working 16-18 hour days. I was using chewing tobacco. I was cutting out sleep. I was cutting out leisure. I was giving myself no days or times off.


And my stress level made my body quit.


My spirit can never quit, as it is incorporeal. My spirit is what carried me.


When I was 12 years old, I weighed almost 250lbs. I had a 42 inch waist. I was depressed, fat, and lying to myself. People around me lied for me- I was told I had a “genetic condition” that made me fat (completely non-specific and UNscientific).

The truth was- I ate pizza, macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, cookies, milk, and sodas all day long-- and I wanted to do it so badly that my own mom sought out justification for it! It was my emotional state, or genetics, or any excuse outside of MY responsibility.  

When we are fully honest with ourselves, then we are able to live in such a way that our progress and evolution are not hindered by mental gymnastics and deadweight.


It has been a 23 year journey for me to get healthy and fit! And I would have been fitter and healthier and happier had I told myself the truth (instead of doing what felt good)- maybe even avoided Stage 3 cancer!

This same deception we live by allows us to justify taking the easy road, but our actions always produce results- and our results are always snitching on us.

I’ve never met a fat person who ate correctly and trained regularly with a good attitude.

I’ve never met a person who hates mornings who had good sleep hygiene.

I’ve never met a broke person who worked 7 days a week.


A final word for those reading this who are Christians or Religious people who can quote scripture about social justice, taxation, or any sort of ethics. Gluttonous lifestyle choices ARE a sin, and non-believers will judge you (as will believers).


I’ve never met someone who had a properly diagnosed health condition that made them fat. I’ve met hundreds of people who were self diagnosed hypothyroid patients who ate whatever they wanted in whatever quantity. Even those I have met with properly diagnosed Thyroid conditions have also had habits that are documented by science to exacerbate their conditions- soda, sweets, lack of proper exercise (walking for 30 minutes is NOT exercise- don’t let an overweight doctor with zero exercise science experience tell you otherwise).

There are Laws of Health and Fitness, and ignorance of them is no excuse for the consequences we all get by violating them.

We always have a choice. Good or Bad. It *IS* that black and white.

Just because an addiction (like food) is socially acceptable it doesn’t give you green light to keep doing it.


This week I challenge you to be HONEST with yourself. Ask this question before you put anything in your mouth, 

“Will eating this make me healthier or less healthy”?

And remind yourself- “I have time to work out, if I miss a window to train, it is because I chose to do something else”.

With tough love and some extra reps,

Evan Derv

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