5 steps to have a better week

"5 steps to make your life better this week"

I'm doing a new format for the Blog-- with a video. 

Let me know if you hate it, love it, or if you think I'm right or wrong!

1) Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

--the faster you move, the more errors you will produce

--rushing through anything makes your results WORSE

2) Take a deep breath

--take another one

--and another

--breathing slowly reduces your heart rate and respiration rate

--this is the fastest way to immediately reduce stress

3) When anxious ask yourself “what I am thinking of right now?”
Then you answer “nothing”

--think of the concept of nothing, the word, or nothing at all

--you are at peace when you think of nothing

4) Say “thank you” constantly

--whenever your foot hits the ground, say thank you

--it can be a thank you to God, the universe, whatever, just say thank you

--being grateful is the best way to generation appreciation for your life

5) happiness is an inside job

--you choose to be happy, angry, or sad

--no person “makes” you feel anything

--you choose to feel that way


Go get it this week!!


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