“Not because you have to, but because you get to”

“Not because you have to, but because you get to”


We live in a world where everything is granted to us at the touch of a button.

Want to find a shortcut to making ice cream? Just ask Siri or Alexa.

Want to know how to do advanced math to help your kids with homework? Youtube a free tutor who will show you better and faster than the teacher could!

Instant coffee. Energy drinks shipped from Amazon. Groceries delivered to our houses. You can order Starbucks from your mobile phone, tip, and pick it all up without even waiting in line!

Amazing right?

Yet. . .


We still collectively suffer from such ennui that we openly take for granted how amazing everything we are surrounded by is and create conflict to make our lives interesting again; resenting the entirety of our existence all the while.  


Don’t believe me? Just get on Social Media and look up any political or Social Justice call to action. Turn on the News and watch how negative and angry everyone is. How cynical. How hollow.

My kids watch a cartoon called “Puss in Boots”, based off the eponymous character in Shrek.

Puss is a swordsman (cat?). He has an Andalusian Accent. He loves “the leche”, and most importantly, he loves to be challenged.

There is an episode where his love interest, Dulcinea, is chosen by a magical sword from space to be a hero- she is granted super strength, endurance, power, speed, and fighting acumen. Puss, used to the honor and trappings of being the village hero, suddenly finds himself  out of a job!

He is despondent at first. How can he exist in a world where his identity is shattered? Where who he is becomes a moot point? He had been a hero for so long that he completed expected to be the hero at all times!

He became entitled.

Then, the strangest thing happens- Dulcinea, the new hero, starts to complain about being the Hero. SHE resents training. She resents *having* to protect the village from evil.

It gets WORSE!

She learns that she is supposed to fight a great, evil monster that is coming to the village! She gets mad and says in her anger, “I hate this! I hate that I HAVE to fight a monster”.

Puss lights up in that moment and says,

“Dulcinea, you do not HAVE to fight the monster. You GET to fight the monster”.

Complaining is the absence of faith. Worry is using your imagination for evil.

Where in your life this week are you complaining about the awesome things you GET to do, to experience?

When we stop being grateful for every single thing we have and do, that’s when we will fail.

Go be awesome this week!

Start your day off with massive gratitude. At the end of the day, write down everything that went right and say “thank you” out loud for all of it each morning.

Your life and your mood are ultimately YOUR choice. Choose wisely!

Let’s go get it!



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