Nothing Costs More Than Being Sick!

“The Preservation of Health is easier than the Cure of Disease”

When a person’s words and actions are in agreement, nothing can stop them from accomplishing their goals.

When a person’s words are made lies because of their actions, nothing in the world can guarantee their success.

A common complaint I get from people regarding the cost of personal coaching relationships like we offer in my Gyms is that it is “too expensive”.

I disagree 100%.

$125-$199 dollars a month is a DEAL compared to all other options.

Do you have decades of health and fitness training and certifications? If yes, then you can work out on your own!

If not, do you have the time to do the research, make a proper plan, vet a remote coach, and ensure you are getting the RIGHT program?

Then you’ll need to find the right method to eat and fuel your body for longevity and growth!

Most people I have seen in almost 20 years of Personal Training and running a fitness facility who work out regularly are still overfat.

Many of these formerly fitter athletes have “given up” and become “strength athletes” who just seem to use exercise as an excuse to eat badly!

No person of intellect would represent themselves in court (unless they were a JD), nor would any person of sense perform surgery upon themselves without specialized training, or perform technician level maintenance on themselves without the intellectual capital….

Why do we treat fitness and health the same way?

Worse is the person who does NO exercise or eating discipline and lives a life of quiet desperation waiting for a health crisis.

Having fought cancer very recently due to a rare genetic condition, my family and I spent almost 6 figures to kill that disease…

The amount of resources I was life-or-deathed into devoting to that battle made me question people who don’t have such health conditions and still choose to squander their health because spending $3-$8a day under the care of a competent coach is “too much money”.

Nothing is more important than your body and health. Literally nothing.

Become a truly good steward, exhibit gratitude for your body and life and come join the winning team of health and wellness professionals at Bossier City CrossFit.

We make Humans better!!

Yours in health,


Evan DerveloyComment