“(s)He who suffers the longest, wins”


This is an old adage that has been understood by great men and women since the dawn of time.

There is no possible way you can fail unless you quit.

Edison tried 1,000 times to unsuccessfully create the first light bulb.

When a reporter heard of this, he asked Edison “how did it feel to fail 1,000 times making the light bulb? That must have been frustrating! How did you keep going?”

Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The lightbulb is an invention that has 1,000 steps”.

This mindset of unrelenting and inexorable movement towards victory is what a champion is made of.

No champion wants to be patted on the back for doing what they are supposed to do- they are SUPPOSED to win.

A champion coach doesn’t want people to TELL them how good of a coach they are, or remind them of how much time they spend coaching people- that’s what they are SUPPOSED to do.


The champion coach doesn’t need to talk about how good they are, their athlete’s performance speaks louder than their social media posts or words ever could.

This is the same for the champion athlete, or business person, or whatever. 
Champions DOMINATE, they never compete.


Great men and women just conquer. They don’t need external validation. They don’t need your support because they are made to be great.

They are performance beasts who live so far out on the edges, that they are often living lives of what seems to be loneliness, but is actually the proverbial woodshed required for great outcomes.

Finally, no great person has time to hate on others. They hate on themselves.

When you hate up, it makes you look small and weak.

When you hate down, it makes you look insecure and weak.

When you hate your own weakness and own your faults, you become unstoppable.

Be great this week, nothing else makes any sense!

Evan Derv

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