Talk is cheap. Action is the cost for a great life!

Emotionally driven people see reality through how they feel.

Logical people see reality through how it is.

Reality is linear and causal. (Meaning it is dictated by cause and effect).

No person starts as a logical person (although some are more predisposed to it than others), but all people can develop into logical people.


Critical thinking and self analysis. It takes some introspection time, quiet time, suffering through life to fully grasp this.

It is what is called “enlightenment” in some belief systems. It is also the hallmark of my personal favorite thought system, Stoicism.

What does this have to do with health? Literally everything.


If a person says with earnest heart that they want to lose weight, but they rationalize that they “deserve” to eat sweets, or drink alcohol, or eat pizza constantly, then their actions are the truth and their words are the lies.

This can be summed up in the saying “Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die”.

If we are to live lives, we would be best served (and able to serve others) by striving for exceptional existence. We can never be too busy to do an excellent job. All the time.

Clean your diet up, make time to exercise, live the example that you want to see.

As the Spartans said, “sweat more in training, bleed less in war”.

Our training is all of our life. Our war is any conflict we will inevitably face.

Be prepared to face those countless conflict that are organic to all existence with a joyful heart.

Train hard, do your best work, tell the truth, and show people you care!!

Let’s go get it this week!!


Evan DerveloyComment